History of Perche Baptist Church:

On September 26, 2015 the 100th Anniversary of the building was celebrated.
Congregation celebrates 100th anniversary of Perche Baptist Church

The Disciples of Christ founded Perche Church June 14, 1835.* A small log building was built with a fireplace in each end. In 1874 under the supervision of Bethlehem Baptist Church near Harrisburg, Missouri, the Baptist Organization was formed.** This organization met in Robinson School, a one-room school located on the present road Route F about 2.5 miles south-southwest of the location of Perche Baptist Church. The Baptist Organization later joined the Christian denomination in the use of the small log building. Each denomination had its own Sunday for worship.

In 1880, a frame structure was built. It was 34′ X 50′ in size and was built at a cost of $1200.On October 4, 1880, the Baptist’s organized as a church with 23 charter members.

1880 Frame Structure

The present church was constructed in 1915 and 1916. Materials from the nearby creek were used to make the concrete blocks to construct the church. All of the sand at the creek would be used and the members felt that sand would have to be purchased to form the blocks but rains would come and more sand washed to the nearby creek to be used for the construction. Members of both the Baptist and the Christian denominations donated much of the labor. Sears Roebuck presented as a gift to the church, the bell that hangs in the tower. The stained glass windows were shipped here from England. They came to Sturgeon by rail and men from the church hauled the windows by horse and wagon from Sturgeon to the church.


Baptisms were held in the nearby creek for many years. The Christian denomination has not held services here for many years. Currently the Baptist denomination has services each Sunday with many other activities throughout the year.

Written by Mary Lou Shelnutt.

* Original members of the Christian Church: (History of Boone County, Missouri 1882)

William White & wife, Silas Riggs & wife, James Williams & wife, Joel Bradley & wife, Gabriel Bradley & wife, Nancy D. Sanford, Margaret Clayton, Elizabeth Roberts, Mahala Ann Roberts, Caleb Woods, Nancy Sweezer, Willis Clayton, Nicholas Roberts, Sarah White, Joel White and Emily Bradley. The first elders were Durrett Bruce, William White and John White. Some of the first pastors were William White, John White, John McCune, Silas Naylor and Minter Bailey.

** Some of the first members of the Baptist organization were: (History of Boone County, Missouri 1882)

Sameul Jackson, J.B. Lyon, William Prowell, G.W. Gulick, and ______ Brown, and their wives. James W Robinson, wife & daughter; Henson Smith, wife & daughter; Wesley Holmes, Mary E. Holmes, John Robinson, Woodson Tisdel, Elizabeth Tisdel and J.A. Carr. Green Carey pastor ca. 1882.

Perche is Dedicated
Perche is Dedicated